Rise of the New Economy

It's December 2016, and the economy is booming again. The unemployment rate has dropped below 5% for the first time since 2008. Sounds good right? But wait a minute, listen to this: Only 62.7% of American adults are even working. Even worse: The median salary in America has fallen over the past 15 years. We are working less, and making less money, but the Dow Jones Industrial surpassed 19,000 points for the first time EVER.

There's more too. Almost half of all jobs in America at risk of being replaced by robotics. Not only is the standard of living declining for the average person, but many people are concerned their ability to make a living at all is in danger. The jobs leftover after the robot takeover will be outsourced to other countries with cheaper labor costs. What's left in America will be filled by temp staffers with no job security or benefits at the lowest possible cost.

This is not a rant against corporate America or some kind of NWO conspiracy theory. This is all happening, and its happening fast. All these changes will contribute to an ever widening wealth inequality gap and push us closer to the potential of catastrophic societal collapse, but no matter how bad things get, the people with the most power may not be too concerned since the rise of social media has hampered the ability of a popular protest movement to overthrow a brutal dictatorship.

Even so, with the increased efficiency provided by robotics there will be a better chance than ever before to provide a basic living wage to all people. However, history seems to suggest that these greater profits will continue to be hoarded by the ultra-rich anyways. Furthermore, basic wage will not help the people who choose to still squander their funds on unnecessary purchases, or even worse, soul-crushing vices like drugs and alcohol.

So unless you're one of the few at the top of the corporate ladder, the only way the neo-liberal slavery is by carving out your own slice of the pie. To do this you must choose yourself. One of my favorite authors, James Altucher has written what I consider to be the best book I've read in all of 2016. If you want to learn how to choose yourself and create a life of freedom I strongly recommend reading it.

I am not getting paid to endorse James Altucher's book, but don't take my word for how good it is. Read it yourself and maybe you'll come up with a few new ideas on how to proceed from here. It's your life on the life we're talking about. What are you waiting for?

2 thoughts on “Rise of the New Economy”

  1. seema like you are veering towards talking about wealth gaps but it’s more important to talk about social issues, not monetary wealth issues. Yes’m it exists but you aren’t the first person to talk about this. If you continue your blog writing in this direction you will only stand to serve as proof of the privileged white man, using his white passing privilege to travel the world to fill his own white savior complex. I implore you to look beyond your own limit of what it would mean to be powerless and really be quiet n still for a second

    1. Social issues and wealth inequality are intricately connected. You can’t examine these in isolation from one another. Even having more money doesn’t magically solve personal problems either. If someone is a jerk they’ll probably be a bigger jerk if they ever get really rich.

      My desire to travel is for my own personal enjoyment, not in some fraudulent attempt to save the world.

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