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In my short life so far I've had many different ideas and experiences. If you're like me and graduated from college you may be feeling really disappointed. I believed the story since I was a little kid. Do well in school, go college, graduate, get a good job. But there was always something nagging inside me that said this was not right. I struggled to do well in school even though learning came easy. I lacked the motivation.

By the time I graduated something was shifting. The market collapsed by the end of 2008 and I watched in horror as President W. Bush was on TV with the proposed plan to inject billions of dollars to save the American economy. I knew I was entering into a world where the tried and true methods would no longer work.

I studied Japanese in college and even lived in Japan for a year. I discovered a life of translation or teaching English in Japan was not for me. These were the two most obvious paths afterwards graduation. I did not know what to do so I tried what has always worked; to learn something new.

I attended courses for massage therapy and lived with my first girlfriend. It did not work out. I was unhappy with her, and with myself, but I had new valuable training.

I worked in Long Beach doing massage therapy and practicing martial arts. I had a new girlfriend and things were going better. Then my mom died. Suddenly everything was falling apart again. I would endure two more years with my girlfriend until I finally gave up and she broke up with me. That led me to Northern Nevada with Action Hollywood.

I learned how to live with someone whose personal problems vastly overshadowed my own. We struggled together and in November 2015 he succumbed to the forces which he battled so valiantly for many years. Through his holographic will I was generously rewarded for my loyalty, patience, and compassion, but I had to fight fiercely to ensure my share of what was rightfully mine.

I drove over 10,000 miles across America in about 3 months and could not find my place wherever I looked. Finally I made the decision to go to Thailand. Everything is different here. I feel I have finally found my place. This is my story. I want to share it with you in the hopes you might find something of value. If you like what you see please sign up on my email list to stay current with the latest updates. Thanks for stopping by!


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